No cellos, no violins.

The aim of this site is not specifically advertising, there are plenty of broken basses around. The web just seems like a fabulous place for self-expression. Everyone and their grandmother has a website and they're out there being themselves. Why not me? For a long time now there's been some ideas, opinions, issues and experiences that I wanted to get down in writing. That's what the rant is for. This will be an ongoing thing - probably not always politically correct but I'm not running for office. No one cares if I've got a big mouth - they just want their bass to come out right. The rant will address technical areas of bass lutherie and may be of interest to some luthiers. Players may just be bored, but then again bassists really seem to be interested in the nuts and bolts of their instrument to a great degree. I certainly subscribe to that old Sy Syms ad - An educated consumer is our best customer.

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